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Spartan Mosquito: A passion for making the world a safer place

Alan Turner
Mississippi Business Journal
Location of Publication
Jackson, MS

Spartan Mosquito: A passion for making the world a safer place

Recently, I had an opportunity to talk with Jeremy Hirsch, President of Spartan Mosquito, a Laurel and Hattiesburg based business with a singular mission: to improve the health and safety of people all over the world.

I’ve found that entrepreneurs come in many varieties, and one variety I’ve had the privilege to know through my years as a business journalist, are those who truly are focused on helping people. That would certainly be true of Jeremy Hirsch.

“Mosquitoes annually kill more people on earth than people do,” he told me recently. “They’re incredibly effective as the carriers of disease, and they are also highly resilient, able to tolerate many different climates and conditions.”

Who hasn’t had many of those unwanted guests on a summer evening when cooking our or just enjoying some quiet time on the porch? But aside from the irritation and itchy bites from mosquitoes, we all know that those bites can be laced with a number of viruses that are decidedly worse than the itch.

Jeremy came to Mississippi at the age of 10, and wound up doing intel and special forces work for the U.S. Army. He served in counter-terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, and following that period, he worked in a chemical lab for several years. He also owned a restaurant for a time. A hallmark of successful entrepreneurs is their willingness to try different things, and Jeremy is a prime example of that trait.

So how did he get into a different war… namely, the war against mosquitoes?

“Well, I was sitting with my wife on the porch one evening, and mosquitoes were buzzing around us. She was going to fetch the mosquito repellent, and suddenly it occurred to me that there must be a better way to combat mosquitoes,” he said. “I just didn’t like the whole concept of spraying chemicals directly on our skin.”

From that small incident was born the company that became Spartan Mosquito Eradicators, and in late 2016, he started working on getting his new product into the marketplace.

Essentially, the Spartan product is a treatment for a specific area, vis-a-vis a unit to which water is added, shaken, and then hung in a tree. In a sense, this creates a “barrier” for the property, because it contains environmentally-friendly ingredients that draw mosquitoes. Once they have a sip or two of the solution, they’re eradicated, and female mosquitoes are no longer laying eggs, thereby decimating mosquito populations.

“A single kit will cover up to an acre,” Jeremy told me. “And it’s safe for people and other insects, such as honey bees.”

Since starting the company, he has moved into numerous markets, and has worked in areas that have been hard hit by hurricanes, specifically in Florida and Texas. As we all know here in Mississippi, a major hurricane produces conditions that are ideal for breeding mosquitoes, and the Spartan product was deployed with good results in those challenging situations.

“To me, it’s all about making the world a safer place for people… kids, old people, everyone. And we should remember that mosquitoes are the deadliest living thing on the earth, spreading more disease and suffering than any other,” he said.

Since commencing operations, Spartan has shown incredible growth throughout the country, and is now being marketed through a number of distributors. As a product, Jeremy says it is highly cost-effective, costing less than $9 per acre per month and lasting up to 90 days.

“I have an aggressive goal,” he told me. I want to grow to be Mississippi’s largest company, providing great jobs and getting our product in play throughout the world. I’m absolutely certain that we can save many lives over the course of the years.”

He mentioned that he has had excellent support from the state of Mississippi, and he continues to see “phenomenal growth” as more individuals and government agencies become aware of the benefits of using Spartan products.

While all entrepreneurs obviously want to be successful and make money, it’s gratifying to encounter those who also want to make our state, nation, and world into a better and safer place. Jeremy Hirsch certainly seems to be one of those.

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