People are raving over this new mosquito eradicator - Spartan Mosquito
Protect your environment from mosquitoes. Take back your outdoors the Spartan way!
Simple mosquito control • Just add water
Eradicates mosquitoes for up to 90 days!

People are raving over this new mosquito eradicator

Cassie Sheets
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Tucson, AZ

People are raving over this new mosquito eradicator

With summer comes warm weather barbecues more time playing outside with your kids, but nothing puts a damper on the fun like a big itchy mosquito bite. If you’re tired of spraying on insect repellent only to end up with bites anyway, this backyard mosquito eradicator from Spartan Mosquito is the perfect solution.

How it Works

The Spartan Mosquito eradicator can be used before mosquito starts and after—just double your dose mid-summer. This starter pack eradicates up to 95% of mosquitoes in your backyard in the first 15 days, so you can fully enjoy your patio and protect your family from bites all summer long. Simply hang the eradicators around your property in areas that attract mosquitoes, like shrubbery or water features, and the eradicators begin working immediately.

Better than Zappers

The Spartan Mosquito eradicator keeps mosquitos at bay more effectively than traditional bug zappers, which can eradicate harmless insects like moths and fireflies. They’re also easy to maintain; simply keep water levels in the eradicators filled to the mark on the label and they last up to 90 days on one acre or less.

Why Customers Love It

Customers are raving about these mosquito eradicators because of their easy installation and overall effectiveness. One customer who lives on a lake says these eradicators significantly reduced the population on their property despite the water. Another customer who was being “eaten alive” by mosquitos can finally fully enjoy their property.

Spartan Mosquito Eradicator 1-Acre Maintenance Pack available from Amazon

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