Testimonials - Spartan Mosquito
Protect your environment from mosquitoes. Take back your outdoors the Spartan way!
Simple mosquito control • Just add water
Eradicates mosquitoes for up to 90 days!


“I have had these out for about a month now and have very few if any mosquitoes around my property! Great product and very effective! I will definitely use these every year!”

Jason Corley

“Excellent customer service!!! Took my address, plotted out where each canister needed to be placed. Did extra to make sure my area was covered. I already see reduction. Cut the grass today an did not get flogged with mosquitoes!”

Sherrie Upton

“We have these in our yard and they have worked great!!! Easy to install and no more mosquitoes!!!”

Jamie Farris

“I cannot say enough good things about this company. When I placed my original order, one of the tubes was damaged during delivery. I left a message that night well after normal business hours, and within a few minutes the owner personally returned my call. The very next morning he hand-delivered a complementary replacement package and even helped me set them up. Roughly 10 days later and my backyard is virtually mosquito free! My girlfriend and I enjoyed dinner on the back porch and played with our dogs for the first time in months. Zero mosquito bites. I will definitely be buying these for my neighbors and family.”

John R. Harrington

“To say I was skeptical is quite an understatement… we live in the south after all. I can’t say enough about this product! Just like they claim, after 3 weeks I’ve had 0 mosquito bites! Highly highly recommend! Their customer service is beyond excellent too!”

Joshua Tillman

“I am not one to usually review a product, but I am amazed at the results of the Spartan Mosquito Eradicator! I have a custom Mist-a-way spray system that I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on and the mosquitoes in the last two years seem to laugh at the spray. I have used mosquito dunks in our drains, bought the black flag fogger, used yard sprays and aerosol sprays and still would have hundreds of mosquitoes in the garage, yard and patios. We have even had them in the house because someone left a door ajar all night. I killed 35 in my bedroom one night with a fly swatter! When I read about the Spartan system, I thought, ‘what do I have to lose?’ I live on 4 acres, but only put out four units strategically placed around the house and garages. They have only been set out for a week and the mosquitoes are almost nonexistent! I went around the patio and yard today where I can usually find hundreds hiding out and I could only stir up two or three. I will be ordering more to fully cover the 4 acres and will highly recommend them to all my neighbors and friends. My only question is, WHERE CAN I BUY STOCK in this company??? Y’all are going to be very successful!

Barbara Carter Summers

“I never got a bite last year after putting these up.”

Anna Edwards Long

“I put 2 of these out (3/4 acre) about 3 weeks ago. We previously could not sit outside because of the mosquitoes, but after about a week, no more mosquitoes. Nobody has had a bite in the last 2 weeks and the grands fish on the pier and seawall many evenings (peak mosquito time). We live on a lake and have constant wind, but it appears not to negatively affect the Eradicators. I have recommended these to many friends! Highly recommended. I will be buying more before the 90 days is up.”

Clark Ethridge

“I put mine out about 2 weeks ago in the MS Delta. Had about 35 people over for a wiffleball party and almost no one had any issues with mosquitoes. Would definitely recommend and will continue to use. Awesome product and super easy to use!”

Clay R. Nicholson

“Had my doubts but also had nothing to lose. It has been raining for two months straight in NE Florida. I have a very large area around the house so I put out 4. Week one comes and goes with no noticeable results. Late into week two I am working in the yard and notice no bites and/or buzzing. Asked the wife what she thought and she stated great improvement. One unit had blown off the fence and drained out and one unit had flooded due to the rain but I have my yard back. Thank you.”

Tom Hatfield

“We use Spartan Mosquito Eradicator on our four acres. This is an amazing product! In the past we have used sprays, mists, fogs, fans, candles – you name it, we tried it. We placed two in our yard and increased it to three last summer. I will be buying more this summer. We can enjoy our pool and patio at night! Thank you for this great product and thanks to our neighbor, Barbara, who recommended this product.”

Rebecca Gullett Herren

“Thanks to it, I can sit out side and not be eaten alive! I was careful to install it correctly, and in a shaded area away from my sitting area securely in my trees. I like it enough that it’s one of those products I hope is always available! Funny fact after a storm and tress blown down my canister still hung securely in an uprooted tree!”

Joye Lindsey

“My husband bought your product and I wanted so badly for it to work. I’m disabled and love to sit outside nightly. Well, I have been sitting outside for an hour now…and no bites! Thank you. I worry about our grandkids and pregnant daughter-in-law. Now I feel it’s okay for her to come over. I will be having her baby shower here. And I feel confident to do so. Thank you. I will continue to buy every year. Thank you.”

Pamala Britt

“I put up 2 around my house on 6/16. About 5 days later, a storm blew one down. I bought another box, so now I have 3. I live in a 40-acre pecan grove! I also have a 4-stall barn. One of the stalls is not completely enclosed. It ALWAYS is full of mosquitoes! I just checked it today, and NO MOSQUITOES! I don’t get bitten hardly at all since putting these out! THEY WORK!”

T.C. Hicks III

“SPARTAN MOSQUITO I AM OBSESSED! I am FREE to go outside now! We set up 4 tubes between my house and my mom’s (who lives next door) five days ago and we haven’t been bitten in 4 days! I’ve only seen two mosquitoes in the last three days! I tell everyone about the Spartan Mosquito system! WE HAVE RECLAIMED THE OUTDOORS FROM THE MOSQUITO!”

Chelsee Hodges

“Loved this!!!!! Within about 2 weeks of placing, we had no more mosquitoes!! And I actually started later than I should have. Will be placing my pre-order for this season soon. I will also be getting my sister some.”

Claudia Pierags

“We recently installed bombs around our property in the Bahamas during peak mosquito season. We all noticed a swift and dramatic decrease in the mosquito population and are able to enjoy the outdoor areas much more, and at all times of the day including dusk. I recommend it highly…I’d really like to talk to someone about becoming a distributor down here.”

Jesse L., Resort Owner/Operator

“One of the more beautiful things I have experienced is watching the sunset on my back porch with my baby. I don’t worry about poisoning her with DEET…Spartan Mosquito has changed my evenings permanently. My husband and I get to talk about our days watching the sunset.”

J. Tate, Homemaker

“We have been using “The Spartan Mosquito Bomb” in my yard since spring of 2015. It is an incredible product. We live on a lake, and in summer months Mosquitoes would literally “tote you off”. Spartan has decimated the mosquito population in our yard. The Spartan Bomb does a number on the mosquito population (A 90+% reduction in just a few days!) but more importantly it protects the bees that pollinate my orange trees. Before Spartan, the Mosquitoes swarmed in our yard, in five minutes I would have 15 to 20 mosquito bites…. With Spartan, an entire week of afternoons and maybe one bite………Incredible!!”

Michael B, Ph. D.

“My guys couldn’t stand all the bites at work at all…the Spartan guys came out and I don’t hear a word about mosquitoes anymore other than them asking where they can buy some for their houses. I really appreciate what you guys have done.”

Mark G., Mississippi Delta Farmer

“I don’t have mosquitoes anymore!”

Joe K., Proprietor

“I’ll say this, my pregnant wife isn’t worried about being outside the house anymore.”

Lance, Deputy Sheriff

“On 4th of July weekend my wife and I got ready to go to a friend’s house and I asked her to grab the mosquito spray. She said we didn’t have any, that she had thrown it all away. I don’t know how you guys are doing it, but we had zero bites for over 3 months.”

Chris, M. Eng.