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Eradicates mosquitoes for up to 90 days!


A generalized mosquito life span is 42-56 days for an adult female, and 7-10 days for an adult male. A female can produce between 100-300 eggs in a raft every third night during its life as an adult. Over a 42-day period a female can theoretically lay approximately 5,100 eggs. It takes between 6 to 20 days (in ideal conditions) from the time a female mosquito lays her eggs until her offspring become matured adults. If she lays 300 eggs in a raft on her final day of life, it could be up to 76 days from the day she reached adulthood to the day her last offspring reached adulthood. Thus, the current use of Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait kills only 90-95% of existing mosquitoes and does not fully affect future mosquito rates with a one-time application. The Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait SRD lasts 90 days.

Our Patented Device: Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait SRD

Our patent pending mosquito control technology, the Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait SRD (slow-release device), is proven to dispel up to 95% of localized mosquitoes within approximately 15 days. In most areas, the eradication rate nears 100% as the device continues to destroy future generations. After up to 90 days and significantly warmer weather, the device must be re-deployed for guaranteed mosquito reduction rates for the following up to 90-day period. The Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait SRD fully functions as an attractant and eradicator for up to 90 days (rain dependent for longer success). The males enter looking for nectar (one of their favorite foods), females enter looking for blood (required prior to laying eggs), they eat a mixture that eventually causes their stomachs to rupture.

APPLY AT FIRST BITE. For best results, the Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait SRD needs to be applied as close as possible to the spring hatch. The hatch is weather dependent; best results have been recorded by applying the Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait SRD after the first sign of mosquitoes.

Most mosquitoes have a flight range of 1-3 miles. The Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait slow-release device has exponential geometric growth returns in relation to the number of devices and the area covered for the reduction of mosquitoes in the targeted area.