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Eradication and Education Initiative Begins in West Africa

January 16, 2020

Pictured left to right — Dr. Atcha-Oubou Tinah, MD-MPH (Coordinator of the National Malaria Control Program), Ambassador O. Arouna (President and CEO Innovative Mosquito Control Incorporated (InMoCo), Togolese Minister of Health and Public Hygiene Professor Moustafa Mijiyawa (Chair of the Africa CDC Governing Board), Jeremy Hirsch (Founder and Chairman of the Board, Spartan Mosquito)

The impact of uncontrolled mosquito populations can ravage communities without the appropriate resources, knowledge, and innovation. Spartan Mosquito, a division of AC2T, is proud to announce a partnership with Togo, a country located in western Africa. Spartan Mosquito will soon begin their six-month pilot phase, which will include educational aid as well as modern and innovative updates to mosquito control methods to help prevent the catastrophic disruption seen throughout the region. The pilot phase will include the deployment of Spartan Mosquito’s “Pro-Tech Eradicator” technology, a next-generation solution to mosquito problems.

Through a collaborative collection of quantitative and qualitative data, Spartan Mosquito has made the decision to strategically distribute and deploy product over 10-square miles in Togo. The Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene in Togo will help coordinate local implementation, and it is estimated that this impact will provide relief for tens of thousands of people in the region. The targeted 10-square miles is reported to have one of the highest mosquito vectored disease rates in the world, with around 46% of the population suffering from these illnesses.

This deployment will come at no charge to the communities in Togo.

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