Marketing Materials - Spartan Mosquito
Protect your environment from mosquitoes. Take back your outdoors the Spartan way!
Simple mosquito control • Just add water
Eradicates mosquitoes for up to 90 days!

Marketing Materials

In order to help support all of our Spartan Mosquito Eradicator retailers, we are making several things available here for easy download and sharing. If you have ideas for other marketing materials that would be helpful, please fill out the suggestion form below to let us know!

Instructional Slides for Flash Drives

Download a complete set of our instructional slides for the Eradicators. The zip file includes both JPGs and PNGs, accounting for differing TV technologies. Simply download the files to your computer, upload the files to a flash drive, insert in your TV, and set them to play. Different TVs support different slide playing abilities — please refer to your TV directions for proper set-up and playing.

Click Here to Download Instructional Slides

Protect Your Family Instructional Video

We are providing one video here for retailer download. This video can be placed on a flash drive or burned on to a DVD or Blu-Ray to play in your store beside the Spartan display.

Click Here to Download Our ‘Protect Your Family’ Video

Sharable Videos for Social Media

The following videos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ by simply clicking on the appropriate social icon under the video you would like to share. You need to be logged into your store’s social media account on the device you are using before clicking the share button. Use these videos to help educate your customers on properly using Spartan Mosquito Eradicators.

What’s in Your Box

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How to Set Up

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How to Hang

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Where to Hang

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When to Replace

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Marketing Materials Request/Suggestions

Taggable items will be tagged with your store's information. You will be contacted for details and specifications once your request has been reviewed.