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Spartan Mosquito

Like Spartan on Facebook with Your Company Page

As part of our marketing efforts for our retailers, we will be running local ads on Facebook designed to drive potential customers to your retail locations. We would like to tag your store in our ads — then your followers and their friends can see that you carry Spartan Mosquito Eradicators! In order to do this, your store Facebook page needs to like our Spartan Facebook page.

NOTE: You must be an administrator on your company’s Facebook page in order to follow these steps!

Step 1:

Log into your personal Facebook account on a desktop/laptop computer (you cannot do this from the Facebook mobile app) and then click here to visit the Spartan Mosquito Facebook page.

Step 2:

Select the 3-dot dropdown menu.

Step 3:

Choose “Like As Your Page.”

Step 4:

Click the Submit button in the pop-up to complete.
Note: If your account manages multiple Facebook pages, you will need to select the store’s page in the dropdown.