A Division of AC2T
Spartan Mosquito

Leadership Team

Christopher Spence, CEO

Christopher Spence began his career as a network engineer for a major defense contractor at NASA. Within a short timeframe, he was promoted to managerial roles and expanded his education into business. After returning to graduate school to obtain his MBA, he embarked on co-founding two successful firms in the healthcare industry and then later solely founded a private consulting firm. Chris returned to academia to obtain a second graduate degree, this time from Harvard University, concentrating in Finance. He joined the Spartan team in 2017 as the company’s first Chief Financial Officer, where he helped Spartan grow nationally to a $100 million company in less than three years. Chris was appointed as Acting Chief Executive Officer in November 2019.

Anthony Brett Conerly, President

Brett Conerly worked with Norfolk Southern Railroad for 13 years, starting from the ground floor in labor and working his way up to a company officer in the engineering department. Conerly joined Spartan Mosquito in July of 2017 as Chief of Production, with the immediate task of implementing a new production line. He quickly moved on to the setup, layout, build out, and recruitment of personnel to the Spartan warehouse in Laurel, Mississippi, which is still in operation today. In 2018, Conerly was promoted to President of Operations, and in November 2019 he was appointed as Acting President of Spartan Mosquito.

Mary Helen Bass, COO

Mary Helen Bass joins our team from AT&T where she has held roles in sales, distribution, ecosystem strategy, and business development. Her engagements include a diverse set of customer segments including Enterprise, System Integrators, Wholesale, Government, and Small Business as well as those most impactful in the industry specific to the FirstNet mission. She comes to us to help ensure operational excellence through ongoing innovation and transformation of technology, processes, and skills development. Mary Helen has BS degrees in both Human Resource Management and Marketing from the University of South Carolina and has been a passionate member of many philanthropic and mentoring programs throughout her career. Mary Helen is joining us as our Chief Operating Officer as of March 2020.

Alex Deli, CTO

Alex Deli is a twenty-year veteran of the technology industry working as a global business development manager, technologist, innovation coach, sales executive, and software developer. He has worked at the AT&T Innovation Foundry, where he tested new business models, concepts of operation, developed new technologies to solve business problems, and provided strategy development and leadership to Fortune 500 and Global 100 companies. Alex’s core focus innovation areas included: Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, AI, mobility, software, and hardware integration. Core to his innovation roots, Alex worked to bring together technologists and business practitioners to solve problems using technology. Alex is a veteran of the US Navy and Naval Reserve, who also attended the University of Maryland system computer science program. He joins us as our Chief Technology Officer in January 2020.

Our Team

The Spartan Team is responsible for manufacturing and distributing Spartan products to all of our sales channels, ultimately reaching destinations in homes and locations across the country. Our mission of serving is one that we all hold dear. And we are preparing to do more. Our team looks forward to reaching out beyond the United States and begin serving people all over the world.