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Spartan Mosquito

Municipal Mosquito Control


how to get rid of mosquitoesHow to get rid of mosquitoes in a municipal setting: Spartan Mosquito will work directly with your municipality to develop a custom deployment map based on the success criteria of the project.

Once deployed, the Eradicators will work together to form overlapping zones to “catch” hunting mosquitoes on the way into the area using some of the same attractant triggers as people and animals. The mosquito population will suffer dramatically in approximately 15 days and will be up to 95% controlled for up to 90 days.


how to get rid of mosquitoesSpartan Mosquito Eradicators should be placed outdoors when mosquito season starts. There are average times to do this based on temperate zones, but a good rule of thumb is to place the tubes out after the first mosquito bite of the season. Monitor water fill levels and replace Eradicators at least every 90 days.

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