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Growing Businesses

As a fast growth startup, Spartan Mosquito is very familiar with the challenges, trials, and tribulations faced by entrepreneurial startups and small businesses striving to grow. That is why, as a company, Spartan Mosquito endeavors to help small businesses in Mississippi grow. Spartan works with and supports multiple organizations in the state who also share the mission of helping small businesses grow to become successful.

Some Ways We Help Grow Businesses

  • Southern Magnolia Foundation
    Southern Magnolia Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to manage all of Spartan Mosquito’s charitable programs both domestically and internationally. Starting in 2020, the Southern Magnolia Foundation will consolidate all of the existing philanthropic programs Spartan Mosquito has started since 2017. It will also be responsible for expanding the scale of Spartan Mosquito’s charitable work by participating in initiatives to reduce mosquito vector disease in some of the most vulnerable places in the world.
  • reACT
    reACT services charity focused donations and fills a variety of immediate needs through direct donation.
  • impACT
    impACT efforts are more project-based and philanthropic in nature. impACT strives to make the world a better place through long-term commitment; solving root causes of larger issues impacting society.
  • Innovate Mississippi
    Spartan is a sponsor and event partner with Innovate Mississippi. Innovate Mississippi works directly with budding entrepreneurs, startup companies, and small companies geared for growth in Mississippi. They host annual events, startup weekends, and work to tie ideas to investment resources including the Mississippi Angel Investor Network and the Mississippi Seed Fund.
  • Pelican Works
    Pelican Works will be a business accelerator designed to assist developing companies with critical early stage resources such as mentorship, industry consultation, technology, regulatory guidance, capital and other assets to help them become investable and self-sufficient.
  • LaunchMS
    Launch Mississippi is a non-profit incubator dedicated to providing small businesses, start-up companies and students with access to mentors, training, professional guidance through dedicated programs focused on taking their ideas from conception to market.

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