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Giving Mosquito Eradicators a try

Shawnee News Star
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Shawnee, OK

Giving Mosquito Eradicators a try

Product Review

We have lots of mosquitoes in Oklahoma. Each year, we’re always reminding people to take preventative measures against the pests because of West Nile Virus and other concerns.
When our office received this box labeled Mosquito Eradicators, we thought we’d give it a try.
The directions say it takes 15 days to see the full effects, with the kit covering a one-acre area.
During that first two weeks, it was difficult not to be impatient.
After the 15 days, though, it slowly but surely seemed to make a difference outside.
Instead of many mosquitoes swarming at once, it was maybe one or two here and there and then rarely any at all. The Eradicators made a huge difference.

About the company

Spartan Mosquito Eradicators were invented by Jeremy Hirsch, who watched his pregnant wife apply bug spray on a hot day and wanted a better way to protect his family from mosquitoes. The company is headquartered in Mississippi.

How do they work?

Eradicators work to eliminate mosquitoes rather than trying to repel them.
Spartan Mosquito reports that mosquitoes are drawn to dark, contrasting colors and Eradicators are black and orange. Mosquitoes are also drawn to CO2, which is released by the fermentation process in the Eradicators. Additionally, mosquitoes are attracted to moisture and heat, and they are filled with water and become ware as their fermentation process emits heat and they absorb sunlight.
Eradicators are placed on the perimeter of a property to form a barrier to “catch” mosquitoes entering the area. When a mosquito ingests the mixture, the Sodium Chloride combined with the CO2 produced by the fermentation process causes its stomach to rupture. The mosquito population in a protected area suffers dramatically in the first 15 days and is up to 95 percent controlled for up to 90 days. Spartan Mosquito Eradicators are available at the local Shawnee Feed Center and online.