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Lessening the mosquito’s bite

Michael Banks
The Press Register
Location of Publication
Clarksdale, MS

Lessening the mosquito’s bite

Mississippi company’s product offers supplement to city-spraying program

A Mississippi-based company is currently offering a product they believe will help limit mosquitoes and make outdoor life a little more comfortable for Delta residents.

While Clarksdale residents see a mosquito spray truck in most neighborhoods each night, Jeremy Hirsch believes his product, Spartan Mosquito Eradicators, can be used as a supplement in warding off mosquitoes.

The inventor and president of the mosquito eradicators said the method of using sprays by most city and county governments does make a difference, but it is costly and harms other insects.

“It doesn’t really last a long time and it’s really, really expensive,” Hirsch said.

He said using Spartan Mosquito Eradicators “as a supplement makes a huge difference.”

Hirsch said before launching the product he did a lot of testing in Mississippi, along the Gulf Coast near the ocean, as well as in the numerous ponds, lakes, and rivers that dot the state.

One thing that makes the Delta so tough to control, he said, is the fact you never really know how much standing water is going to be nearby due to all the irrigation that is used by farmers in this area. And that standing water, he said, “is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.”

The other issue that poses a problem would be how “soft” the water is here and how much more sodium is put into the water here by municipalities. He uses a mix of water with chemicals in his Eradicator.

“As long as the water’s good, there’s no issue,” he said.

A positive to his product, he said, is in its setup and use. Simply, the purchaser will remove the tube, take off its cap, add warm water, replace the cap, and shake. The Eradicator is then hung on the property, as one kit covers an acre.

The Mosquito Eradicators then create a barrier for the property. The mosquitoes are drawn to the tube, where they drink the solution. The mosquitoes ingest the liquid, and the salt and gas disrupt their digestive tracts. When the females don’t lay eggs, the mosquito population in the area is decimated.

Hirsch said the mosquito population drops up to 95 percent in the first two weeks of using the Eradicators, and the tubes last up to 90 days.

Hirsch has seen some success with his product, and he’s taking all the profits from it and putting the money back into the business or donating funds to help certain causes, such as a building a new school in Laos.

He was also able to bring his Eradicators there, as well as in Florida and Texas after the recent hurricanes, to take on the large mosquito population.

“It’s doing very, very well, and we’re having a fantastic time with it,” Hirsch said. “We’re just trying to grow the company right now.”