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Solution to a pesky problem

Wade Brown
Leavenworth Times
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Leavenworth, KS

Solution to a pesky problem

Wade Brown is the project coordinator for Think Webstore. In this Q5, he talks about the inventor of Spartan Mosquito Eradicators and how they are offering a solution to a pesky problem.

Question 1: How did your company come up with the idea of creating a mosquito control system that primarily uses sugar? Do you think it’s a surprise to most people that mosquitoes like sugar and seek it out?

One summer afternoon in Hattiesburg, MS, the inventor of Spartan Mosquito Eradicators, Jeremy Hirsch, decided he did not like the idea of his pregnant wife soaking herself in bug repellent just to be able to sit outside. The patent-pending mosquito control technology he developed over the next few years is the Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait SRD (slow release device). Baits like this had been used in the past, but were much less effective because of the lifespan of each individual application. The Eradicator lasts 90 days, and is proven to dispel up to 95% of your mosquito population within 15 days.

A mosquito’s favorite food is nectar, which is probably surprising to most people, who assume that mosquitoes prefer human blood above all else. The fact is that only female mosquitoes feed on blood, and then only to get the protein they need to lay eggs.

Question 2: How do the ingredients in the Eradicators work together to deal with mosquito populations?

The Spartan Mosquito Eradicators contain only sugar, salt, and yeast, and release only CO2 into the atmosphere. Once properly prepared and deployed, the Eradicators work together to form a barrier to “catch” hunting mosquitoes by emitting the same attractant triggers that draw mosquitoes to people and animals.

When a mosquito ingests the Sodium Chloride (salt), its crystalline structure “cuts” their stomach, causing it to rupture. The fermentation process also continues after mosquitoes ingest the mixture, and CO2 production in the mosquito also causes the stomach to rupture.

Question 3: How do they work in hot, humid, heavily mosquito-infested areas? How often do they need to be replaced?

The Eradicators have been tested from the far north in the US down to the Caribbean. They work in hot and humid climates, dry climates, and moderate climates, and they are designed to control mosquito populations, so they are perfect in heavily mosquito-infested areas.

Each kit contains 2 Eradicators and covers up to 1 acre for up to 90 days. Both Eradicators from each kit must be used in order for them to work properly. If it is a week or more after the “first bite” of mosquito season, then double up the first deployment to get the mosquito population under control.

Question 4: Can the Eradicators be used inside? How do you get them ready to use?

The Spartan Mosquito Eradicators are for outdoor use only. The Eradicators are designed to destroy mosquitoes outdoors. If the mosquitoes are controlled outdoors, then no mosquitoes should enter into your home.

Preparing the Eradicators for use is quite simple: remove the white cap, fill the Eradicator to the fill line with 80 degree water, replace the white cap and shake well, then attach the black cap, and the Eradicators are ready to hang. They can be hung using either of the enclosed hook types — black plastic or metal — depending on the specific branch they will be placed on. The best placement is in a well-shaded area along your property line, on a tree limb as close to the trunk as possible, no more than 180 feet apart, six feet off the ground, and 100 feet from where people gather.

Question 5: Where can people find out more about Spartan Mosquito Eradicators and where to purchase them?

You can learn more about the Eradicators on our website,, or by visiting our Facebook page,

In Leavenworth, you can purchase our Eradicators at Water’s Feed Company, located at 909 Miami Street (913-682-2454). A complete list of our retailers throughout the country can also be found on our website.