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Fight the bite

Lakeadra Correy
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MaComb, MS

Fight the bite

Hattiesburg company gets into mosquito eradication business

As spring nears, flowers are beginning to bloom, pollen is beginning to cover cars, and those pesky mosquitoes are beginning to come out of hiding.
It also means people are seeking ways to rid their yards of mosquitoes so they can enjoy the outdoors.

Along with the usual mosquito zappers, DEET repellents, mosquito lights, and ways to eliminate the pest, there is one popular Eradicator made in Hattiesburg that isn’t widely carried by the big box stores but can be found locally.

The Spartan Mosquito Eradicator has become a popular item, according to Jake Holloway of Covington’s Ace Hardware in Summit, which sells the product.

The product features two tubes that emit the same attractants as humans and animals.

“They’re good for 90 days. You just hang them on opposite ends of the yard away from decks and patios.” Holloway said. “They attract the mosquitoes to them. That is how they eliminate them, so you don’t want them around an area where you would entertain.”

Holloway said it takes about two weeks to begin noticing the drop off, but it happens immediately.

“In 90 days, you’ll have a mosquito-free zone,” he said.
Holloway said there are no chemicals or electricity involved.

“It’s just water and solution, and you shake them up before hanging them,” he said.

Holloway said the yard will be 95% controlled.
Another popular item is a STIHL Backpack sprayer.

He said the sprayer can be used for residential or commercial use and can be used for fogging, spraying insecticides, herbicides, and on dry material.

“There’s only one access point and uses numerous chemicals but it shows its effectiveness,” he said. “It can treat an entire acre. It’s more long-term control and its very popular.”

However, it’s also the more high-dollar item.

The Spartan is $24.95 per kit.

A residential backpack sprayer is $399; for commercial, it’s $699.

“If I had to recommend one, it’ll be the Spartan. It’s inexpensive and it does very well. It’s chemical-free, and that’s important to some people,” he said. “It’s constantly working and it requires very little maintenance.”

Holloway said people are also into more natural repellents, citronella candles, and DEET based repellents.

“We also have free essential oil blends that repel mosquitoes that are very popular now,” he said.